Plum Juice Benefits

plum juice benefits

plum juice benefits – Cheong Maesil

Cheong Maesil Plum Extract – 420ml
Cheong Maesil Plum Extract - 420ml
Cheong Maesil Won is our most popular product both in Korea and overseas. This concentrated extract is aged in “onggi” jars for six months and has tart and sweet flavors that will simply delight your taste buds. Refreshing and versatile, feel free to experiment and find creative ways of introducing this healthy treat to your family. Use it to add a twist to your salad dressings or marinating sauces. Enjoy a hot, soothing tea that will warm you all the way to your toes and uplift your spirits. Leave a pitcher of iced plum tea in the house for easy access. Create a sassy cocktail with this extract and soju or vodka. Maesil fruit juice is combined with an organic sugar* at a 7 to 3 ratio, and carefully aged in onggi jars. *Oligosaccharide: A complex carbohydrate in the form of an organic fruit sugar. Studies have shown that the body does not digest 90% of this ingested sugar.


PRUNES are dried plums and are a fruit that’s healthy and tasty. Prunes are similar to raisins but are bigger and have more health benefits for our bodies. Prunes look similar to raisins because they are wrinkly and hard in texture. They are bigger though than raisins and have a totally different taste. Prunes can be eaten or they can be consumed in a juice both will benefit your body in many ways.
Prunes have many health benefits I will now describe those health benefits. Prunes first of all are full of vitamins which give us energy and keep us healthy. Some of those vitamins associated with prunes are vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin k, and vitamin a, and vitamin b. Prunes have many nutrients also such as iron, protein, zinc, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and protein. So with all these things prunes right away are a super healthy fruit. You can get all these nutrients from eating prunes or drinking prune juice as well.
Prunes can maintain good health by providing the body with many healing factors. Prunes give of antioxidants which can help with cancer, and many other diseases. Prunes have potassium which can help lower blood pressure which benefits the heart. Potassium also helps maintain good bone health in the body.

The Color of Market

The Color of Market
The climate of Kashmir valley is such that it produces exotic fruits all year round. It produces enormous amount of Plum, Kesar , Jaffran (Saffron), Apple …… Even God became so fascinated by the quality of Kashmir’s apple that he gifted its color to every Kashmiri woman’s cheeks.

plum juice benefits

Eminence Organics Wild Plum Tonique 4 oz/125 ml
Eminence OrganicsWild Plum Tonique(4 oz./125 ml)Benefits For fatigued or dry skin types This tonique is designed to oxygenate fatigued, dry skin while removing all traces of make-up, impurities or previous product Wild plum juice acts as a stimulating agent to boost the cellular metabolism and supply vital nutrients that are deficient in the skin Leaves skin toned and vibrant In conjunction to this product we recommend the use of an Eminence masque that targets dry, dehydrated skin Features Wild Plum Juice stimulates the skin and nourishes Salicylic Acid removes impurities and prevents breakoutsEminence Organics is a highly effective, entirely organic skin care line. With all naturally organic ingredients these hand-made products are effective and extremely healing. Rich in vitamins, active ingredients and nutrients, Eminence products will give you immediate results that you will see and feel.


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